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Links for 3/17

Links for today! And perhaps a bit more editorializing than usual :).

Poll: Most in PA Oppose Corbett Education Cuts

Thanks to Bill Lalicker for bringing this to my attention; for PASSHE faculty member and APSCUF leader Terry Madonna reports on the results of a poll indicating that huge majorities of Pennsylvanians, including most members of the Assembly, do NOT support Corbett’s proposal.

That, however, does NOT alleviate the need to keep pushing and fighting.  Until our budget is protected, we must keep after it.


Via Jana Nestlerode:

Tom Corbett’s Proposed Higher Education Cuts Draw Protests

Good coverage including student responses from Penn State and Pitt.  By the way, PASSHE students, this ups the stakes for you.  Gotta get the same kind of press, right?


Corbett Defends Higher Education Cuts

The Governor points to Penn State’s tuition increases as the explanation for his draconian budget cuts.  It doesn’t seem to occur to him that PASSHE and Penn State are different.  And this guy has the guts to talk about anybody, ever, making an informed decision about anything?


Budget Proposal Targets the Wrong Special Interests

Editorial from The Mercury (Potttown/Tri-County) does a nice job laying out the social class issues involved in the Governor’s proposal.

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Paterno knows we need the money more than they do

I prefer to send batches of links out, but this one’s good enough to send on its own.  Reposted from the State APSCUF blog:

From Sunday’s Harrisburg Patriot News: Scott Paterno, son of legendary football coach Joe Paterno, contends that the legislature should take more money away from Penn State than PASSHE because Penn State is better equipped to handle the loss (which is true) and because our PASSHE schools serve a mission in the Commonwealth that Penn State has, well, superceded (in his eyes, and probably right).


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