Testing, testing, one two three

A first post on the new APSCUF-WCU blog, a list of issues that are alive and kicking (without commentary or much explanation yet)…

Retrenchment: It’s official.  PASSHE put retrenchment on the table at last week’s Meet and Discuss.  It’s unclear which campuses expect retrenchment to happen, and unclear on what timeline.

Retirement Incentive Program (RIP): You may know that PASSHE has been planning to offer a package in order to encourage retirements.  At our last statewide Legislative Assembly (early Feb), we authorized our state leadership to negotiate on this, as long as: (1) it didn’t require reopening the contract, i.e., we could bargain a side-letter; and (2) the results benefit all faculty.  PASSHE apparently isn’t interested in bargaining anything except the details of the incentive package–at least not yet.

There are a couple of other issues on which we’re awaiting management responses before we post them here.  Check back for updates.


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