WCU President Weisenstein’s Budget Info Page


If you haven’t already, you should probably take a look at the Budget Update pages on the WCU website.

If you’re looking for fightin’ words to provoke you into rallying, protesting, letter-writing, and so on, you’ll find them sprinkled throughout these resources; don’t expect the President’s style to have that effect on you.  If you’ve been in a room with him, or even listened to him speak, you’ll understand that’s not the kind of tone he strikes.  But neither do I see anything on these pages telling the rest of us that we shouldn’t fight hard for what we think is right.

Or put a different way: go mine the site for what you can use and don’t get frustrated by the institution-speak of the rest!

As you write letters, make signs for rallies/protests and so on, you’ll find very useful and well-presented data here.

If you’re not sure who you’re PA legislators are, you can go here to find out.



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