A Guide to the Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts

Reposted from our friends at the KUXchange, APSCUF-KU’s chapter blog:

The library folks at KU’s Rohrback Library have put together this site, the Guide to the Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts.  I’ve only poked around with it for a couple of minutes, but at a glance it’s both detailed and navigator-friendly!  As the contributor who wrote the KUXchange entry, Christina Steffy, says–

Also remember that, in a time when there is an information overload and everyone wants to “just Google it,” there are information professionals you can turn to who are better than  Google and who know where to find information that Google can’t find (yes, it’s true! Google can’t find everything). The information professionals at KU are proof of this (and let’s give credit to Tim Ballingall, the grad assistant who got this out there), so please don’t forget that as we fight for education we must also fight for libraries. Where else will you get free access to knowledge and people who are more than happy to help you on your quest for knowledge?

And just as importantly:

The Governor may not care about having an educated populace, but the Rohrbach Library does.

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One response to “A Guide to the Governor’s Proposed Budget Cuts

  1. Glad to see the full text of the Gov’s budget posted here, as it is on our WCU budget info page. Most of the information related to the PA State System of Higher Education can be found on pages E14.8 and E14.19 – E14.23.

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