The irony is almost too bitter

Consecutive order in my Inbox, right now (Thurs 4/21, 9:42 am):

*Notes from a special Meet and Discuss on Tuesday (which I can’t share), in which management says both that it intends to fully protect the faculty against retrenchment and that retrenchment is possible.  I understand they want to take the position that they’re on our side but can’t guarantee anything, and that it might even be true. 

*A message from President Weisenstein glowing about our recently completed Middle States evaluation process, including among MSCHE’s highest praises for WCU the following:

–      West Chester has been blessed to recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff, who are extremely loyal to the campus and dedicated to ensuring students receive a quality education, both in and outside the classroom.

So let me get this straight.

On the one hand, our local management is doing the delicate dance of simultaneously threatening and saving us from the evil budget boogeyman out there.

On the other, a major multistate accrediting agency is pointing out that one of the major strengths of the university is its ability to retain faculty.


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