Take 10 minutes tomorrow & join WCU’s budget protest

Spend 10 minutes of your day on Weds 4/18 making your statement against the proposed budget cuts to West Chester University! Join the  (peaceful) budget action “mob.”

Assemble at the arch between the library & Main at approximately 12:40 tomorrow. All you’ll be asked to do is stand, listen to a recorded song, and maybe hold a sign.

Help make sure decreasing state support doesn’t continue to compromise public higher education in PA. Come demonstrate against these cuts with many other faculty and students!


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3 responses to “Take 10 minutes tomorrow & join WCU’s budget protest

  1. Wesley Thomas, Ph.D.

    Why isn’t the Union discussing the massive wastes of money by the WCU administration in terms of spending millions buying buildings and then complaining about budget problems.

    • sethkahn

      Because the budgets for building and the operational budgets are entirely separate. I personally agree that the distinction is silly, but it’s the law. If we want to work to change the law, let’s do–but that’s a different project altogether.

    • Please mention this issue in your communications with your legislators, however! This is a problematic misconception that many of the public and our students have – and probably our legislators, too.

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