Some negotiations basics for students

Dr. Rodney Mader explains to students the basic issues of current negotiations. CORRECTION to email address in video: please direct emails to Peter Garland –


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5 responses to “Some negotiations basics for students

  1. Reblogged this on APSCUF-KU xchange and commented:
    More faculty speaking out on their frustration with PASSHE’s negotiations strategy.

  2. Wesley thomas

    The video saying the negotiation delays are solely te fault of the Chancellors is ridiculously misleading. Your own chief negotiator stalled and acted like a moron

    • sethkahn

      By all accounts but this one, Stewart has been an outstanding chief negotiator. Our side has had substantive and reasonable proposals on the table for two years. PASSHE hasn’t. Some people might not like Stewart’s style, but to call him a “moron” is out of line.

      • Wesley Thomas

        He has been an unprofessional slob . If you believe Mr. Hicks , you have been lied to. Both sides have made proposals but you only get one side of the story. As a victim of the Apscuf central office stupidity
        I can assure you that you will get very little. The members will posture and threaten but will never strike. As long as Apscuf protects the most incompetent professors, the system will continue to be mediocre

  3. Can you let us know the source of your information, Wesley? Because otherwise, all we have from you is unsubstatiated claims and insults, neither of which helps the conversation on the issues. And I know I speak for all of us working hard fro our students when I say that a strike is the last resort.

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