Our APSCUF-KU brother Kevin Mahoney on the tentative agreement

If you know Dr. Mahoney and me, you know that we nearly always think pretty much the same things. Kevin has a gift for being a couple of steps ahead of me in his ability to make a clear case for what we both usually think.

His current piece on the Raging Chicken Press site is probably the strongest example of that phenomenon I’ve seen in 11 years of this. If you want to know what I think about the agreement, what it represents in terms of APSCUF’s status as a union and our role in defending public higher education, what it protects in terms of our job descriptions and workloads, how it defends against what was a brutal attack on our contingent faculty, what it costs economically and how those issues sift out, just read it.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.



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2 responses to “Our APSCUF-KU brother Kevin Mahoney on the tentative agreement

  1. Thanks for the shout out, brother!

    • sethkahn

      I think you nailed what this is about. Nobody is thrilled with the economics of the package; we played defense. I hope everybody will commit to spending every penny they can in 2014 to send every anti-higher-ed legislator and Governor Frackenstein out the door. If they’re going to be shills for private industry, let private industry sign their paychecks too. In the meantime, we’ve demonstrated an ability to stand our ground on educational quality and care for the system that we hadn’t before–not that we hadn’t thought it or believed it, but the way we demonstrated it this time was different and, I hope, the launch of something really profoundly important in PA

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