Some ways we can help alleviate the parking problems on campus

As a result of the difficult parking situations around campus the first week of class, some APSCUF members and leaders have been compiling some options to help alleviate the the problem should it continue further into the semester. Kudos to WCU leadership for starting two new programs: a ride-sharing/carpooling app; and the Uptown Loop with a route that circulates around much of downtown West Chester.

Please understand that we’re not telling people we think you shouldn’t drive to campus. We’re offering alternatives for people who have some flexibility to help reduce parking pressure for other people who don’t.

We’re continuing to explore options and will publicize them as we can, but for starters:

WCU Ride-Sharing Info: This link takes you to a page where you can search for drivers or passengers in your area who you might carpool with; it can also quickly get you to information about mass trans options and more.

WCU Uptown Loop: The link takes you the page that lists all the shuttles; click “Uptown/East Campus Loop” to get to PDFs of the route and the schedule. Click HERE for a version of the route map with notes appended to it about available parking. If you don’t see big yellow text boxes, click the icons that look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.43.03 AM.png

Information about spaces will pop up. Keep in mind that almost all of those parking areas are in residential neighborhoods, so please respect that–don’t get too close to driveways; don’t pack in too much; simple etiquette.

As you make use of these alternatives, if you feel comfortable, take a selfie of your and your group. We’d like to collect images of faculty using these alternatives! Send them to Seth at; or post them to social media, tagging APSCUF if you like.

Thanks to everybody who already contributed info/ideas on social media and by email. Let us know if you have other ideas or know other parking possibilities we can add to the list. You can add ideas or other information in the comments below. In hopes we don’t need them, it’s still better to have them.

Here’s to a happy and productive new semester!

Dave Backer, APSCUF-WCU External Organizing Committee Chair

Seth Kahn, APSCUF-WCU Mobilization Committee Co-Chair


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