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Other than the fact that’s already started, Mike the Mad Biologist is just right about this

Mike the Mad Biologist is one of my favorite progressive bloggers. He’s a research scientist somewhere in Boston with a strong interest in K-College public education; I’ve been reading him regularly for a couple of years now.

In this post from today (Sat), Mike traces the pathway that rightwing campaigns usually take: a think tank produces a report, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal “legitimize” it, lobbyists and other goons get hold of it, while the astroturf/grassroots generates public support for it.

Mike sees this happening to public higher ed this summer. Read the post. It’s bone-chilling and entirely believable. Although we’re not the UC system, we’ll be in the crosshairs of this too, as soon as PA legislators get wind of it.

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Just in case you were wondering…

I suspect when I start writing about the Ed ‘Reform’ [sic] folks, some of you think I’m waxing pretty paranoid. The Gates Foundation and Michele Rhee aren’t *really* as bad as I think they are, yada yada yada…

On the Daily Kos Labor blog yesterday, I stumbled across this gem, which reports that the Gates Foundation recently gave a $376,000+ grant to our friends at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

If you’ve only gotten your news in the last year from CNNMSNBCFOXNBCABCCBSNewYorkTimes, you may not recognize the name ALEC. Short version–ALEC is a ‘think tank’ (to put it generously) that crafts legislation, which gets distributed, sometimes barely revised, and often voted up in legislatures all over the country. Some recent examples you might recognize: Wisconsin’s union-killing ‘budget’ laws that led to mass protests in Madison and the recalls of several state Republican legislators and a current effort to recall Gov. Scott Walker; Ohio’s SB5, which was recently repealed by ballot initiative, that would have all but gutted public unions in that state; Michigan’s ’emergency manager’ law that allows the Governor to install a manager in any municipality he declares as an emergency, and which authorizes that manager to ignore collective bargaining agreements and other contracts with impunity.

These people are NOT OUR FRIENDS. And Bill Gates is giving them stacks of cash. Even I can do that math.

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