Secession legislation information

Interested in knowing how the proposed PASSHE severance legislation will affect faculty and the CBA? Please consult the attached documents:

Faculty – What to Expect from Legislation

Impact of PASSHE Dismantling Proposals

What the Freedom to Secede Proposal Really Does

CBA Implications of Legislation

Legislation Summary

Link to final legislation:


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2 responses to “Secession legislation information

  1. sethkahn

    Re: the “Impact of PASSHE Dismantling” document–

    The section on “Quality faculty” and “Low Cost Temps” isn’t about you if you already work here. Without the APSCUF CBA, everything that makes our adjunct faculty working conditions better than just about anybody else’s would go away. We wouldn’t have control over hiring; the pay and benefits would likely crash; the frequency and quality of evaluations would crash.

    The point is that just about any new collective bargaining agreement would likely enable management to replace our current group of adjunct faculty and probably lots of tenure-track folks too with adjunct faculty treated more like adjuncts are everywhere. That’s bad for faculty no matter what rank or status, and for students who benefit from faculty who can afford to concentrate on our jobs instead of worry about whether we can pay the rent or see a doctor.

  2. I hate to comment on my own post, but a question keeps nagging me: WCU just completed a big strategic planning effort last year – the final report’s date is September 2013. If secession was such a burning issue, why did it not come up in the strategic planning process? (Does anyone know if it did?) Talk about missing a perfect opportunity to have this discussion in a thorough and open way!

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